Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Product Announcements...

New Products

Perfume Spray - 
Enjoy our new perfume spray, packaged in a green glass bottle, with a long-lasting spray on perfume in your favorite fragrances.  Enjoy now at our Introductory price of $18.00 in your favorite fragrance or essential oil.

Deodorant - 
Our new Natural Deodorant is free of aluminum and chemicals like you find on store shelves.  This deodorant is made with Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Probiotic Powder and more natural goodness to help you not sweat the small stuff.  Enjoy each 2.6 oz net.wt twist-up container for $12

Dew Shoo!!! Lice Away Spray - Added to our Dew Shoo!!! Line is our new Lice Away Spray.  We make no claims regarding this product, however this is what we made for our own children when the Lice Bug was found in their classrooms.  These essential oils have shown to repel lice naturally and with ingredients like Panthenol in this spray it's great for hair any day.  $10 2 fl oz bottle

Mini-Gift Bags - 
Enjoy our new mini-gift bags just in time for the gift-giving season.  We are going to do a variety of these bags featuring either 3 sample sized lotions, to a Sick Relief Set of Dew Breathe To Go Stick, Dew Breathe Chest Rub & a Natural Shea Lip Dew and the variety will just keep growing.  We'll keep you updated on Facebook and through our BlogNewsletter and Pinterest as these options change.

Read more about what's going on at Live Love Dew from our September News.

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