Monday, December 30, 2013

A look back at 2013 and looking forward to a Happy Dew Year 2014!

2013 went by extremely too fast!  We've had many successes all thanks to you, our customers.  We have partnered with so many great businesses like Human Touch Salon & Day Spa, Plum Run Winery, Déjà vu Boutique, Eternity Books & Gifts, Salon C & Day Spa and Celebrate Local and we appreciate all they've done to help promote our business.  We were rated #5 on the Favorite Locally Made Products in Ohio by Columbus Underground, again thanks to you and your votes!  We received amazing reviews from bloggers like Your Beauty Place, Danielle Lewis Beauty, Your World:  Healthy and Natural and Mom Pop Culture, thank you for trying our products and giving us your honest opinion.  We also appreciate our local support from Grove City Town Center and Grove City Visitors and Convention Bureau.  And last but not least all of our Dewers, you know who you are!

It’s the end of 2013, so at this time it’s great to reflect on mistakes you made, which means you've learned something.

As you can see, we've learned a lot in 2013…
1. Designing labels is an extremely long process, when we say red we know what color red is, but we have to find the actual red that is in our head with the corresponding number to send to a designer.  We thought everyone could understand Crayola Crayon colors, guess that is the Mother’s in us.
2. If you love Patchouli, you can smell it from very far away and if you LOVE Patchouli you would of smelled it from far away when we spilled it at a 2 day event and we saw all of the Patchouli lovers at our booth those days.
3. You want to sell our products!!  Which is very exciting for us!  Sign up here and we'll let you know once the contract is ready.
4. When excited about a rating (aka being #5 in Favorite Local products) and even your customers get excited, there will be haters who say nasty things.  We have learned to have thicker skin.
5. We have great customers, supporters and vendors who always have our backs, because you’ve tried the products and tell us and everyone how much you love them and how they make your skin feel.
6. You LOVE our Face Cream and Body Butters, our 2 biggest online sellers in 2013.
7. Products/ingredients that blow up in a microwave or crock-pot aren’t fun to clean up.  Let’s not even get started with how many glasses have dropped and broken and have had to be retrieved from our skin.  And burns…hurt! OUCH!
8. Lavender Essential Oil in your eye doesn’t feel good, wear eye protectors always!
9. Our products may be natural, but they don’t taste good unless we are referring to Lip Dews.  Dogs purposely seem to eat them though, but when your making a big batch of something and it flies in your mouth, not tasty!
10. Just because a picture is cute and looks natural, it could possibly be Marijuana and eventually someone is going to bring that to your attention. Embarrassingly enough it was indeed Marijuana we found after further research, however as Natural as it may be, that wasn’t our intention. 

Excitement coming for 2014

1. Body Wash…yes we promise!  It’s ready to go sans label, putting it on the website and announcing it officially.
2. Consultants!  You’ve wanted to be able to sell Live Love Dew and now you’ll be able too.  More information coming in the next week.  This will help bring Live Love Dew to other locations near you!  Interested, sign up to let us know here.
3. More places to buy.  We are increasing our products in some locations and adding others like Vintage Bazaar to our list of places to not only purchase our products but pick up your orders!  And Plum Run Winery will be carrying a selection of our products, more information to come after it’s official!
4. More products…
5. More fragrances… 
6. Possibly a Live Love Dew App for your phone and tablets…would you use it, download it, etc.?
7. Baby Line
8. Girl’s Line
9. More Giveaways!
10. Changes…if we aren’t changing we aren’t growing.  So we’ll always improve where we can like our Labels, bottles/containers, ingredients, etc. to bring you the best Dew products we can.

We are hereby stating 2014 is Happy Dew Year, the year of Dew!  We can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us and again Thank You for allowing us to Dew what we love!

Dewly Yours,
Crissy & Lori

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  1. Congrats on all your success thus far! So very inspiring! Cheers to an even more amazing 2014!