Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Story, in case you haven't heard it, the truth with some fun!

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Once up on a time, in a land far far away, some people call it Grove City, were two not so normal mothers.   They had many things in common, sensitive dry skin, a love of natural products, children with sensitive skin and an entrepreneurial spirit.  

On one dark evening, Lori was looking around thinking she wished she had so many children she didn’t know what to do and decided to put an ad in the local royal scrolls, aka Craigslist, to find more children to fill her shoe, aka home.  Crissy saw her ad needing someone to watch her child so she could go work for the evil step-mother, aka a full-time job, and decided to respond to the ad to meet this mystery person.  When they met it was love at first sight and alas Ava had a second mother to watch her while Crissy went and did the biddings of her step-mother.

As their time together grew, Lori and Crissy fell deeper into friendship love and realized being together made them better.  They thought about all the things they loved, cooking, being creative and natural products, especially products they could use on their children. 

They were using products that were labeled natural but the words on the “magic potions” didn’t seem so natural, so instead of taking more bites of other poisoned apples, they decided to start researching a little more.  Realizing little things they had done throughout the years like making their own natural decongestant, marketing other products, helping with other’s businesses, creating recipes and playing around with ingredients might be a start; they started reading every piece of information regarding lotion, soap, ingredients, essential oils, scary chemicals, benefits of various ingredients and so much more they were overwhelmed.  There is a saying that if you read enough you probably have a degree in that subject, this definitely described Crissy and Lori.  So they decided to start “playing” around and even though they wished they’d only had until the stroke of midnight, it actually went on for months.  Some things were too hot and some were too cold, but they kept tweaking everything they had started to build until it was “just right.”  They started trading products they had each worked on and fell in love with how these products made their skin feel.  It was love at first sight, or feel maybe is a better word.  Just like when Cinderella met Prince Charming, they knew others would want to experience their love of these products too.

This had them thinking, pondering & wondering what if????  Friends tried their products and agreed, we need more of this please???

So the name game came about…they asked friends ideas, gave them their options, had them vote and they finally settled on Live Love Dew.  They knew they wanted products for the skin and home.  Again researching waxes for candles and tarts they found a wax that made them feel safe using in their own homes.  And the same happened with skincare products.  They started selling to friends and friends of friends and decided they needed an online store.  So learning some new skills they created a website and store to start selling products nationwide.  

After finally being let out of each of their towers where they had been locked up for so long, it was time to get out there and find out what the public thought.  Taking another step out into the big wide unknown world, they started doing events, people loved trying the products and started buying even more.  They had other small businesses wanting to partner with them and then their products started being put into local stores.  Local Fairy God Mothers, aka salons, started using their products on their clients.  Customers were showing up telling them how their skin felt different, how no magic their Evil Queens would prescribe could help their conditions, but these natural products with a few ingredients did help their skin.  It fed their skin with just the right ingredients.

They both realized doing what they loved had made them feel like they had been in a deep sleep for years and awoken by true loves kiss, the love of owning a business together. 

This isn't the End only A To Be Continued…

So there it was the story so far of Live Love Dew.  Crissy and Lori are still taking months to research and develop new products for their friends and customers and constantly changing to make things better for you.  We hope you enjoyed Our Story and follow along to see what happens NEXT!

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