Friday, February 27, 2015

Use our products in your Salon or Spa Services!

Although we offer many items for retail and consumers, we've also been asked quite frequently to make products or provide a certain fragrance item to salons and spas.  We take pride that our products are very natural and stable products with a good shelf life.  

Reasons salons have used us in the past include:

  • our large variety of fragrance and essential oil options.
  • personalized products and/or fragrance just for your salon
  • purchasing from another small and/or local business
  • wholesale options for large orders
  • salon sized products
  • ability to sell these products in your salon or spa as well as use in your services

Some items purchased by salon and spas:

Love Me Like a Bomb...Bath Bombs, perfect for pedicures!

Bath Salts, perfect for nail soaking services.

Pour Some Sugar Scrub on Me in two different versions,butter and/or oils, every salon has a preference, but these are perfect for nail and body services.

Body Butters, perfect for nail and/or body services.

Massage & Body Oils, perfect for massages and available in many fragrance and essential oil options.

Skincare, with a variety of Face Creams, Eye Creams and Serums, we are sure to have something for you and your salon.  We also take special requests and are working on Face Masks and more!

Please feel free to contact us today to find out more about how we can work together and find products that fit your salon and services best.

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