Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Who is keeping their resolutions so far? 

Is your resolution to save money? Lose weight? Quit Smoking? 
I actually have one resolution and that is to be a healthier family. That can mean a lot of things to get my family there,
like exercising more, eating healthier foods, only putting whole products on our bodies, using natural products to clean our home. But all of those equal one common goal. Some of the changes we are making as a family to be healthier are
making from scratch all the favorite packaged food my children love. For example, my daughter loves the small mini packaged muffins, but have you ever read the ingredients? Half of them I cannot pronounce.

This morning we woke up and made several batches, they are freezable and easy to defrost, and best of all they include ingredients I understand and know where they came from. I was also able to reduce the sugar, use whole wheat flour,
threw in a ripened banana, flax seeds, oat bran and oats and she said they were the best muffins she’s ever had and I secretly know they are much better for her.

Another reason for starting Live Love Dew is to make sure our families have skincare products that we feel comfortable with them putting on their skin (which eventually will end up inside their bodies just like the foods we eat). We are researching every ingredient that goes into our products, trying to get ingredients that are as close to home as possible and safe for your family.

You can be assured as mother’s we feel comfortable using these products on our own children so that you can feel secure
knowing they will be safe for your entire family as well. It does take time to research and try out these products on our skin to make sure they are safe for you. We appreciate your patience and we will have products readily available for you soon. It may be a small selection at first, but rest assured we will eventually have an entire skincare line and more available for you to purchase.

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