Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to do your part by voting...daily

One of the reasons this country is so special is our right to vote.  Although the candidates we vote for may not be the one who gets elected, there are still small things you can do daily to make our country a better place to live.  Our country thrives on small businesses and when you shop at local small business you not only support that local small business but you are also supporting your local community and keeping your money in your town. 

This is the season for shopping and what better way to spend your money than by spending it at small businesses.  Not to mention gifts made by small business are typically more personable and more thought goes into ingredients and materials.

We are proud to be a local small business and support the local community of Grove City.  We source a majority of our ingredients from our own backyards and within Ohio.  We take pride in using ingredients that may be a little more costly but benefit your skin vs. cheap chemicals like bigger companies use.  We don’t water down our products so your skin is getting the full benefits of unrefined oils & butters that nourish your skin.  We truly Dew unto others because we want healthy, whole, safe products for our families and that is all you’ll ever see Live Love Dew offer you.

It’s easy to use your right to vote daily by shopping and supporting small and local businesses.  They may be a little out of the way, but the quality and care they take in making your products will be so much evident to you and those you purchase gifts for.  We thank you for your support of our small business and hope that you’ll continue to support Live Love Dew and other small businesses like ours.

Some of the small businesses we support:

Leafy Greens – all Ohio made products, most by local small businesses.  Local foods, produce, goods, meats & more.  Sells Live Love Dew products.  Located in Downtown Grove City.

Baked by Shelly – Locally made sweets with local ingredients, Vegan options also available.

Plum Run Winery – Locally made wine…need we say more?

Danielle Duke Origami Owl – Local Independent Sales rep for Origami Owls Living Lockets

Celebrate Local – all Ohio made products, located at Easton.  Live Love Dew products available here as well.

Check out more local businesses at Support Grove City or Grove City Town Center

Who are some small local businesses that you support?

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