Monday, October 8, 2012

Dew You Know What You Are Putting on Your Skin?

What we are putting on our skin is almost as important as what we eat. Did you know that what goes on your skin gets into your bloodstream? So if you are avoiding chemicals in your food you should also avoid putting them on your skin.

Why do we put lotions, creams, sprays, etc. on our skin? The #1 reason should be to moisturize your skin. How can a product moisturize your skin if the major ingredient in it is alcohol, fragrance or a dye? Take a look at some of the
products you buy from commercial stores and I bet you’d be shocked to see the ingredients. If it is a lotion the first ingredient should be water, because a lotion is a mixture of water and oils. However after that ingredient it should be some type of moisturizer. Our second ingredient in our lotion is an oil or butter, typically almond oil. Fragrance is nice, but it should be added at the lowest percentage so you are getting a nice smell but the main ingredient your skin needs is moisture.

With all the recent information about artificial colors in the news, why put those on your body? Sure a pink lotion is cute to look at and helps with marketing a product, but why not use lotion in its natural state with the natural colors from the whole ingredients used to make it? Typically, because there aren’t very many real, pure, whole ingredients in those commercial products. Even with our
Lip Dews we use Mica’s and Iron Oxides for our coloring.

Another ingredient you see so much in commercial products is alcohol. Alcohol is a drying ingredient, why put that harshness on your skin when it wants moisture? Our products at Live Love Dew are alcohol free.

An ingredient found in many skincare products preservatives are parabens. Some names of parabens you’ll see in products are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben, but they can be called other names as well. Parabens can mimic hormones in your body and there are studies that have shown parabens in tumors removed from cancer patients. Read your labels and be aware of what you’re putting on your skin. Live Love Dew uses only paraben-free preservatives in our products.

Some companies make their product as cheap as possible by adding mostly water to a product. When that happens they have to use harsher preservatives to make the product keep on store shelves. Not only do we use no water and/or less water in our products, we make our products in small batches so that they are freshest for you and most of our products have a shelf life of 12-18 months which is plenty of time to use the amount of products in those containers.

We have several products that do not contain preservatives at all, look at our
Sweet Feet Butter, Body Balms, Lip Dews, Love  Potion Perfume Roll-ons & Pour Some Sugar Scrub on Me ingredient lists. These products are made with pure oils and butters with zero water in them. But when we do add water, extracts or aloe juice to our products we do have to use a safer preservative which is paraben-free. We will also have Whipped Butters available soon with no preservatives added.

Fragrance is another ingredient that you will sometimes see at the top of ingredients lists. This is almost always our last ingredient, unless we are using essential oils which are often used for other purposes than aroma. We only use fragrances that are Phthalate free, because studies have shown that phthalates can cause infertility, obesity, worsening of allergy and asthma symptoms and much more. We also know that many are sensitive to different scents and fragrances so we make many of our products fragrance free as well. Our Whipped Aloe Shea Butter is always sold unscented and we also offer our Body Balms & Love Your Hands Cream unscented as well. Our scrubs, Face Creams & Lotions can also be made with using only essential oils.

If you ever have a question about why we put a certain ingredient into our products, please feel free to ask. Our goal at Live Love Dew is to make safe products for our families and customers. We want you to feel as confident as we do that what you are putting on your skin is right for you.

What are some ingredients you try to avoid in skincare products and food?


  1. I recently began using natural progesterone cream to cure my post 40 hormonal lovelies. You rub it on your skin, and voila, PMS is gone!

    So it freaked me out. If this cream can be absorbed into my blood so readily from just a dab on my chest, so that it causes instant, major changes - good Lord, what does slathering my body in lotion do?!?

    1. Exactly, that is why we started our company, my 6 year old daughter can put as much lotion on her body as she wants and I know what's in it and I know it is safe for her to use. Thank you for your comment, it's scary to think about but what we do put on our skin does get into our bloodstream. Thanks, Crissy